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$20 donation for every Steve Jobs turtleneck

Company donates $20 for the sale of every Steve Jobs turtleneck

The company that makes the famous “black turtleneck” worn by Steve Jobs, St. Croix Collections, is turning a possible business surplus into doing something positive.

Since the passing of the former Apple CEO, sales of the turtleneck that Jobs made famous have doubled. Some of the stores that carry them have even sold out. Because of the positive outcome, the company has decided to donate $20 from every turtleneck sold to the American Cancer Society.

The company, Knitcraft, is a made-to-order company so the stores that have recently sold out might not be receiving new product for a few months. The company has been estimated to manufacture 4,000 to 5,000 turtlenecks per season.

The founder Bernhard Brenner states that Jobs bought around two dozen turtlenecks a year, according to Minneapolis St.Paul Business Journal.

Brenner says about Jobs, ”Obviously we’re going to miss Steven Jobs as a customer,” Brennan said. “But the country will miss him period.”

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