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Zoosk makes online dating as easy as checking your inbox

Josh Smith

Zoosk is an online dating site that you’re probably familiar with. Being happily married for the last six years, I’ve not had the need to slog through date after date looking for “the one” in quite some time. It’s a chore, isn’t it? You both have your typical first date questions where you try to get to know one another, you have to gauge their personality to see if it’s compatible with yours, and when all is said and done, chances are neither one of you will be interested in a second date.

That’s where Zoosk comes in.

First, they have this “Behavioral Matchmaking” that the whole site is founded upon. It’s the backbone of matching you up with your dream boy/girl. If you’ve ever signed up for an online dating site though, you know that half of the effort comes from simply sorting through message after message, trying to glean from a few sentences whether the person contacting you is worth your time.

Sadly, oftentimes they’re not. And Zoosk knows this! That’s why they’ve moved their Behavioral Matchmaking system to your inbox. With the change, half of your effort is removed. Instead of going through message after message, tediously clicking, “Delete” as you long for your other half, Zoosk instead will now move your best matches to the top of your inbox.

Imagine opening up your email and the person you’ve been waiting your entire life is right there at the top. And these matches are all made based on behavior, not some silly questionnaire that you have to fill out. Less time in your inbox means less time wasted on empty dating attempts.

Granted, I’m not familiar with the dating scene anymore, but with the technology implemented by Zoosk, you don’t have to be an expert to find love. All you need is a PC and a personality.

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