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Zombie apocalypse: could it actually be a reality?

Sara Hall

Zombie apocalypse could be reality if "bath salts" use increases.

Street drug “bath salts” causes users to ruthlessly eat human flesh, just like in so-called zombie apocalypses

Zombie apocalypse: could it really upon us? Many doctors are saying it could be if the rise in street drug “bath salts” continues.
The root cause of the so-called zombie apocalypse stems from the symptoms that users of “bath salts,” a variant of the drug LSD, experience.

With the recent breaking of the story on Rudy Eugene, 31, who gnawed on a homeless man’s face until almost nothing was left, even when confronted by police officers, the seemingly ever-present fear of a zombie apocalypse is higher than ever.

According to WebMD, the effects of bath salts include agitation, paranoia and hallucinations.

Eugene’s ex-wife was noted as describing Eugene to have violent tendencies, but was surprised to hear of such a gruesome attack; her surprised reaction only further attests that the use of bath salts could in turn lead users eating human flesh, ala a zombie apocalypse of sorts.

According to CNN, the officers observed Eugene acting in an almost inhuman fashion, growling at policemen and gnawing his victim with flesh still in his mouth until the very end, when he was shot and killed by police officer Javier Ortiz then shot and killed Eugene.

Eugene’s victim, still unidentified, currently remains in critical condition.

As this unusual and concerning story spread like wildfire across the Internet, the buzz term zombie apocalypse was attached, mainly because of the matter in which Eugene preyed upon his victim.

Since the breaking of the story, the cannibal-esque zombie apocalypse phenomenon has caught on even more online, perhaps in an almost crude and insensitive way, with the Twitter parody account, @TheMiamiZombie.

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