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Is YouTuber Shane Dawson getting ‘canceled’ for good?

Hillary Nguyen-Don

YouTuber Shane Dawson has been creating content for over a decade now and his problematic past is finally catching up to him.

With everyone home during the pandemic, more and more content creators are getting canceled. Why? It’s hard to say but it seems like everybody now has the time to rewatch old videos where these creators have been making some insensitive and problematic jokes. Call-out culture is taking place. People are calling out their favorite YouTubers and demanding accountability.

As of late, Dawson has been called out for several questionable acts seen in his old videos. People want him to apologize for using the n-word, wearing blackface, and making jokes around pedophilia.

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Shane Dawson Being Racist for Five Minutes Straight

Although most YouTube drama general stays within the YouTube community, the Smith family has tweeted publicly about their disgust towards Dawson as one of his inappropriate jokes was towards artist Willow Smith.

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Although the video is a bit too much for us to embed on College News, check the top reply in Jaden’s first tweet if you want to see it.

In response to the public scrutiny, Dawson has responded to the outpour of criticism in an online 20-minute apology video titled, Taking Accountability.

In the video, he dives into his upbringing and history of anxiety. The video currently has over 11 million views and sits on the YouTueb Trending pages. Unfortunately, a majority of the comments consist of people criticizing his apology. Claiming that Dawson is using his struggles with mental health as an excuse for his problematic behavior.

As of June 30th, the video has over 556K likes and over 362k dislikes.

If you want to read more about the situation, check out the tag #ShaneDawsonIsOverParty.

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