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Xbox 720 details leaked, gameplay expected to improve

Meredith Dobes

The Xbox 720, reported to come with the new Kinect, will improve gameplay in various ways.

The Xbox 720, codenamed Durango, is expected to ship with a second-generation Kinect motion sensor, according to an article released by VGLeaks today.

The Xbox 720 sensor should improve on the current model by picking up on actions more accurately in a larger range of space using infrared technology. Because this field of view is improved, it will mean that games can be played in larger spaces (70 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically), gameplay is easier for players of different heights and more people (reportedly up to six) can fit in the play space. Color and depth will also be enhanced.

The new Kinect with the Xbox 720 will be separate from the Xbox itself, connected by a cable. It is expected to look similar to the original Kinect and should be placed above a television for the best gameplay.

Because of the improvements to the Xbox 720 and the Kinect, gameplay can occur in a variety of different rooms and lighting conditions. It will also work better for rooms with a lot of furniture, doing away with the need for rearrangement.

The new Kinect is optimized for various applications, according to VGLeaks.

“Core Kinect functionality that is frequently used by titles and the system itself are part of the allocation system, including color, depth, active IR, ST, identity and speech,” the article said. “Using these feature or not costs a game title the same memory, CPU time and GPU time.”

In layman’s terms, the Xbox 720 and the new Kinect are expected to be greatly improved and allow for easier, more efficient gameplay for a variety of rooms and players.

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