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Winsor McCay remembered in Google Doodle

Mackenzie Dye

Winsor McCay is known for his comic Little Nemo of Slumberland

The Google logo celebrates ‘Little Nemo’

Winsor McCay was remembered Oct. 16 as the Google logo of the day celebrated his famous comic Little Nemo in Slumberland. The doodle was presented on the Google homepage to celebrate the 107th anniversary of the beloved story.

Google put together an interactive doodle that recreated the adventures of Nemo, which are Winsor McCay’s most famous illustrations. The doodle, called Little Nemo in ‘Googleland,’ is the one of the most elaborate for the search engine, featuring the child falling out of bed and into a world of wonder and adventure.

The original comic strips appeared Oct. 16, 1905 in the New York Herald, and ran until 1911 on Sundays. The strip features a little boy of about six years of age, Little Nemo, going on adventures to get to the Princess of Slumberland.

A figure in the comic world, Winsor McCay is regarded as an innovator of illustrating in the early 20th century. McCay set a standard and made a path for Walt Disney to follow, according to the Guardian. McCay was intrigued by the possibilities of motion through sequential drawings.

Winsor McCay also created animated films, including the 1911 Little Nemo film and his 1918 release of The Sinking of the Lusitania, which is considered one of the first films to use cels, according to the Los Angeles Times.

After a life of passionate drawing, Winsor McCay passed away due to a stroke on July 26, 1934.

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