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Will Ferrell mocks Hornets

Will Ferrell gives side-splitting intro

Will Ferrell gave the opening player introduction for Wednesday’s New Orleans Hornets game.  Ferrell, who is no stranger to basketball given his 2008 role in “Semi-Pro,” poked fun at the players  as they made their way on to the court.

Marco Belinelli: “He hates Italian food.”

Jarrett Jack: “After basketball, his dream is to become a rodeo clown.”

Gustavo Ayon: “He doesn’t speak a lick of English but we still love him.”

Trevor Ariza: “He still loves to listen to Bell Biv DeVoe.”

Emeka Okafor: “He majored in Econ but he minored in love.”

He also joked that Derrick Rose’s favorite movie is “The Notebook.”

Though, the NBA isn’t the only game that the legendary funny man has been lending his face too. During Super Bowl XLVI, Ferrell appeared in an Old Milwaukee Beer commercial. As funny as Ferrell’s opening was for Wednesday’s game, the fact that the commercial shows Ferrell walking through a field of daisies and catching a beer is equally hilarious. Also, to much dismay of many Ferrell fans the commercial only aired in Nebraska.

Perhaps, we missed the part where Ferrell was streaking through the quad.

Check out Old Milwaukee’s Super Bowl commercial featuring Will Ferrell.

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