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Watch Essentials For College Students

College students aren’t renowned for their ability to keep time. But it is nevertheless an essential skill for anyone studying to a higher level, ensuring classes are attended, deadlines met and meetings appropriately scheduled. For some students, it may even be the case that they are juggling their studies with employment, making it extra important to keep one eye on the watch at all times.

Different watches perform different functions for students, and indeed anyone that chooses to wear them – while most will tell the time to a greater or lesser degree of accuracy, only some will provide the level of accuracy and craftsmanship you want from a watch to last a lifetime.

Winding and self-winding watches tend to be more accurate and of a higher quality than cheaper, battery watches. But they need appropriate care and treatment to ensure the best quality of performance.

Mechanical watches will come to a halt unless they are wound at appropriate intervals. Watches need to be wound to drive the mechanism that delivers an accurate reading of the time. As you wind the watch, the tiny spring inside it coils up, storing energy for use throughout the day. Precision engineering, especially in high-end watches, means that this delivers the most accurate measure of time in analogue.

Failing to wind a watch like this can cost you more than just the time. Watches need to be wound to improve and ensure consistency in their performance. As a result, the winding process requires dedication and routine to keep the watch in a good condition. Self-winding watches wind automatically as you wear them, but they still require manual winding when they are not in use.

Watch winders can be useful here, such as those at buywatchwinders.com. These units automate the winding process, and double up as an attractive way to present your watches at home. This circumvents the need to hand-wind your watches, even on days off, to ensure that your watch is kept in good order with the absolute minimum of effort. For any self-winding watch owner, this can also be a useful gift.

No matter the type of watch you own, you will need to consider some degree of cleaning and maintenance. Dirty or rusty watches will quickly lose performance. With wear, these devices can easily stick or slip, or intricate mechanisms can twist and break. The more you care for your watch – both personally, and with regular professional servicing – the more chance it has of lasting beyond graduation.

Most people need a watch as part of their daily routine, for keeping on track with their commitments throughout the day. Arguably, students require watches more than anyone – as much for planning their social calendar as for studies. Regardless of who you are or the type of watch you own, there are some essentials that must be taken into account. Winding, cleaning, servicing and repairing your watch are all critical to its longevity, and being proactive about watch care can keep your instrument in the best possible condition.


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