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Vince Young is broke

Jason Oliva

Vince Young in 2007

Released from the Bills, Young finds himself without a team and in a mountain of debt

Vince Young, former quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, finds himself out of work and out of money. The third player taken in the 2006 NFL Draft, Young’s career looked to be a promising one, especially after leading Texas to a Rose Bowl championship in 2006. But now, it seems that after six years in the league and money poorly managed, the once star quarterback now finds himself without a team and in a boatload of debt.

Young was cut by the Buffalo Bills, his third NFL team, this year where he played as a backup to current QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. Even in 2011 when Young played for the Philadelphia Eagles, he was not in the starting role as he was in Tennessee.

Now out of work, Young is suing his former agent, Major Adams, and a North Carolina financial planner, Ronnie Peoples, because he believes that they misappropriated $5.5 million. Young claims that in some instances, Adams and Peoples forged his signature or impersonated him on the telephone or in emails.

Criticism has also fallen on Young for being too young to allow people to take advantage of him, one of whom was even his own uncle who had no financial experience.

In a heated lawsuit, attorneys for Adams and Peoples claim that Young has nobody to blame but himself, that Young is merely looking for someone to blame for his money strife.

A countersuit filed by Peoples claims that Young’s unwillingness to accept responsibility is “a common occurrence…as former Titans coach Jeff Fisher, Texas coach Mack Brown, numerous NFL execs, teammates, girlfriends and illegitimate children will attest.”

Young was one of at least ten NFL players who turned to Pro Player Funding for cash during the lockout. Documents show that Young borrowed $1.9 million at 20% interest, and that Young authorized $1 million in payments to Pro Player directly from his Eagles salary during 2011.

Young claims that he did not knowingly commit any of the loan documents. Young also contends that Pro Player’s efforts to serve him with legal papers during a Bills training camp session included a threat from the local sheriff.

It is unknown whether or not this was a prime cause in Young’s release from Buffalo.

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