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Twitch Will Begin Removing Old Videos

Katy Hollingsworth

Image credit: Lauren Elisabeth / Shutterstock

Twitch recently announced that videos will no longer be stored on an account indefinitely.

After analyzing their video storage data, Twitch has decided that they will no longer store old videos on Twitch accounts indefinitely. Instead, video expirations will work on a tiered system.

Deleting old videos will allow Twitch to provide users with a better experience, the company claims. Older videos aren’t being watched, according to Twitch’s data, so removing them will provide users with better VOD quality.

Users who want to save specific videos can do so by setting a particular video as a highlight within two hours of the broadcast; doing so will save the video indefinitely in the system. However, casters who stream for more than two hours may have issues adjusting to the new system.

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