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Tupac rises as a hologram

Editorial Staff

Tupac hologram stirs fans hearts

Coachella features deceased rapper

Sunday’s show at Coachella with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg featured a hologram Tupac Shakur. The shirtless rapper appeared on stage addressing the audience with a, “What the f*** is up Coachella?”

The fake Tupac performed Hail Mary and 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted with Snoop for over 75,000 fans, reports the NY Daily News. The rapper has been dead with 1996 when he was shot several times by an unknown assailant. He died at the age of 25.

The hologram Tupac, dressed in baggy jeans and Timberland boots, was incredibly life like, almost to the point of disturbing. The designers and engineers behind the hologram even nailed Pac’s swagger and rippling abs as he sauntered around the stage waving his arms in the air.

The hologram was such a success it even sparked celebrities to take to Twitter, raving on Tupac’s appearance.

“I think I might have cried when I saw Tupac,” Katy Perry tweeted.

“TupacBack unbelievable Iwasthere Story4myGrandKidz,” Rihanna added.

The hologram Tupac will hopefully make a return performance when Coachella closes Sunday, April 22. Warren G, 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, Tony Yayo, The Black Keys and Radiohead are all set to perform again.


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