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LinkedIn passwords leaked onto Internet

Sara Hall

LinkedIn passwords have been leaked

More than six million passwords allegedly leaked

LinkedIn passwords are now potentially circulating the Internet after hackers stole and leaked an encrypted file containing them onto a Russian web forum.

An estimated six million LinkedIn passwords have been leaked.

LinkedIn, a company commonly known as the social networking site for professionals, has not confirmed any user data has been leaked or hacked.

However, Graham Cluley, web security consultant for U.K. company Sophos, said in a blog post that the file posted in the forum does in fact contain LinkedIn passwords.

He added although email addresses are not associated with the LinkedIn passwords, hackers are most likely working together to crack them.

Cluley encouraged all LinkedIn users to change their LinkedIn passwords as soon as possible.

LinkedIn went to its Twitter page to let users know the status their LinkedIn passwords, saying the team was “looking into reports of stolen passwords.”

LinkedIn tweeted again two hours later, saying they are still unable to confirm a security breach.

Shares for the company are now down 1.2 percent to $91.89 as of midday trades.

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