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Troy Dumais wins his first medal after four consecutive Olympics years

Elif Geris

Troy Dumais is glad he never left diving

Troy Dumais is glad he never left diving

Olympic diver, Troy Dumais, acquired his first medal at his fourth Olympics.

Though he has considered quitting his sport, his parents helped him realize that this could end up becoming the career of Troy Dumais. Dumais expected this year’s Olympics to be his fourth consecutive time making sixth place in diving.

Fortunately for him, when his parents asked him how he would feel leaving his sport, Troy Dumais honestly responded, “Even when times were tough, I decided, ‘Yeah, I would regret it.’”

Troy Dumais, 32, is the second man to have been accepted to compete in the Olympics four times consecutively without winning a medal. The first man accepted into the Olympics four consecutive times was four-time medalist, Greg Louganis.

One of his Olympics disappointments came when Troy Dumais competed in synchronized diving with his brother and performed a poor final dive.

Alongside Dumais on the winner’s podium this year stood Kristian Ipsen, 19. Ipsen expressed his confidence upon the number of medals to the U.S.

As for the Chinese team, they have been leading the way with the gold for this competition. Luo Yutong said “Our team leaders told us that we were the closest country to win all the medals.”

The Chinese deemed winning as the best representation of their country. According to FoxNews, Yutong said, “Of course, there’s a lot of pressure but they told us to only worry about ourselves. Be ourselves. Don’t worry about the sweep. Showcase the best of China diving to the whole world, that’s what we’ve got to do.”

Proud of their performances thus far, Yutong and teammate Qin Kai are proud of themselves and believe they have helped to show their country in the light it deserves.

On finally receiving his first Olympic medal, Dumais remained positive: “Things happen the way they’re supposed to happen,” adding, “I never felt defeated. I felt more energized to do this because I was so close.”

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