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Toronto fan's sign pokes fun at "Boston Strong" slogan

Cynthia Martin

Boston faces Toronto amid "classless" taunts from fans.

A Maple Leaf’s fan takes rivalry too far with “Toronto Stronger” sign

“Boston Strong” has been the rallying cry for victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and their supporters. Many saw it as a source of hope and pride in their city. But a Toronto Maple Leafs fan had a different idea.

Monday’s game between the Boston Bruins and the Leafs was game three in the series. The game took place at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. The teams were tied with one game a piece. Fans on both sides cheered on their teams to take the lead in the seven-game series.

It started as an average game, but the tone changed quickly when one Toronto fan came up on the jumbo-tron. The man’s sign read “Toronto Stronger,” a deliberate play on the slogan used by Boston in the wake of the bombing. By the second period, the sign was the No. 1 trending topic in Boston.

The sign garnered mostly negative responses, many showing up on Twitter:

@TheNHLHumor: “Classless disrespect from this Leafs fan.”

@felixpotvin: “That guy with the #torontostronger sign is so disappointing.”

@_Hailee_: “Dear Leafs fan with the Toronto Stronger sign, you are a complete douchenozzle and your hockey/Canadian/human card is hereby revoked #idiot.”

But there were a few who didn’t take it too personally:

@thomasczech: “I don’t see the problem with the #torontostronger sign. It’s just in good fun at hockey game. Whatever. Sensitive much?”

Finally there were those who turned it into a joke after Boston’s 5-2 win:

@BostonOnion: “Guy with “Toronto Stronger” sign at Bruins will be beat up by Boston’s Strongest after the game. #USA.”

CBS reporter Carly Agro pointed out on CBS Network News that many Torontonians had participated in a moment of silence prior to Sunday’s Toronto Marathon, reminding people that the Leafs fan is not in the majority in his view on Boston.

No matter the reaction, the outcome was still the same. Boston has the lead (2-1) going into game four on Wedsday, May 8 at Toronto.

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