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Top 5 geek chic shows

Top 5 shows that are making geeks look good

With countless conventions across the country and new, must-have gadgets being released every day, there’s never been a better time to be a geek. Not only that, but thanks to a few shows in particular, and their stars, being a geek has become, dare I say, cool! Here are the top five shows that are making being a geek chic.

1. “Doctor Who”

With 30+ series and 11 Doctors under its belt, the BBC sci-fi staple has returned with new episodes and a new look. The show, about an alien who can travel through time and space and can regenerate if he approaches death, has long been a favorite of sci-fi nerds everywhere, but gained a larger following when the new series began in 2005.

Now, with newbie Matt Smith in the title role, who, at 28, is the youngest actor to play The Doctor, the show has been heavily promoted by BBC and BBC America. Exploring time and space, fighting aliens and traveling with his companion Amy, all while wearing a jacket and bow-tie, The Doctor has made being a geek pretty sexy.

2. “The Big Bang Theory”

One of the brightest spots in CBS’s programming, the show following the lives and relationships of five friends has been a surprise hit. Friends Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard have brought geekdom to the small screen in fun and hilarious ways. Whether the guys are trying to gather the courage to approach a beautiful woman or are standing in line to meet Stan Lee, the show doesn’t disappoint.

The writing is funny, intelligent and, I suspect, written by a few geeks who know the world first-hand. It has also become a TV geek-haven, boasting guest stars like comic book god Stan Lee and “Star Trek” alumni Wil Wheaton. With a theme song penned by geek rockers Barenaked Ladies, “The Big Bang Theory” shows that geeks have entered the mainstream.

3. Conan O’Brien’s new show on TBS

As one of the devout followers of Coco, I’m thrilled about his new show with TBS. There’s no doubting that it will be just as funny and geeky as his past work.

Conan, in many ways, embodies the best of geekdom. He’s an Ivy League graduate who is clever, intelligent and hilariously self-deprecating, and proudly accepting of his geekiness.

From his days of writing for “The Simpsons” to his giggle-inducing visit to Skywalker Ranch and Industrial Light and Magic, Conan has put his nerd sensibility to good use and entertained the country in the process.

4. “Mythbusters”

With past appearances at Comic-Con in San Diego, and a spot in an upcoming geek festival called w00tstock, Adam Savage and his fellow mythbusters have inspired the masses to become reacquainted with science and the way things work. What could be any geekier?

The chemistry and never-ending curiosity of Adam and Jamie Hyneman have garnered the show fans across the country and the world. Adam’s love and use of Twitter has also given geeks a way to interact with him directly, much to our delight. Thanks to “Mythbusters” biology, chemistry and physics have become cool subjects to be interested in. Science has never been this entertaining before!

5. “The Daily Show”/”The Colbert Report”

OK, so this last pick is a two-fer. But, to be fair, it’s rather difficult to talk about one of these shows without mentioning the other. They’re sister shows that, regardless of the topic or news story, give geeks the upper hand and an opportunity to have their voice heard.

Jon Stewart and the rest of the “Daily Show” anchors are an incredibly intelligent group who, more often than not, know more than the person they are interviewing. Whether Jon is having a fan-boy moment while interviewing George Lucas, or Stephen is making a Monty Python reference, they let their geek flags fly proudly, all while keeping their sense of humor. And Colbert? He gives us intellectual whiplash every time we watch.

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