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These socks are more than just an accessory

Editorial Staff

Socksmith takes the art of sock design to another level

Socksmith Design started in 2007 when its founders, Eric and Ellen Gil, noticed a disturbing trend in the world of socks: they were getting really boring!  The two of them had been running a sock and shoe store for years, and the status quo just wasn’t cutting it any more.  Armed only with their displeasure with the stale state of the sock world, and a couple of heads full of ideas, they set out to start a company that would adhere to the strictest of mottos: No Boring Socks!

Since then, Socksmith has been providing the latest and greatest in silly, whimsical, funny, and sometimes just downright weird socks this side of the Mississippi.  Both sides of the Mississippi, really – and beyond. Socksmith is available in over a thousand retail locations around the country, and has even moved out into international waters, selling as far as Japan, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Whether it’s portraits of much-loved historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and Frida Kahlo, silly animals like cats wearing hipster glasses and dachshunds in sweaters, or the straight-up ridiculousness of monkeys in suits and triceratops riding tricycles, Socksmith has all corners of the “oh man, look at those socks!” market covered.

Socks are a hotter commodity than ever, and Socksmith really understands what it means to stand out from the crowd.  They offer men’s and women’s crew length, as well as knee-highs, over-the-knees, and shorties, in a wide variety of colors and designs.  Not everything is pure novelty, either.  They offer a wide selection of stripes, dots, argyles, and other patterns in cotton, bamboo, and wool compositions.  With so many choices, there’s something fun for absolutely everyone!  When asked what sets Socksmith apart, company president Eric Gil said, “Socks are something that you either ‘get,’ or you don’t; our customers know what they want, we know what they want, and we give it to them.  Simple as that.  We come out with a whole new collection twice a year, so we can always keep up with the newest quirky trends.”

Visit them at to view the complete selection of Socksmith socks, and you’ll never have to worry about having boring or lonely feet ever again!

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