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The Wolf Among Us Releases Its Season Finale This Week

Katy Hollingsworth

Telltale releases the season finale of The Wolf Among Us on July 9th

Telltale announced this week that the highly anticipated season finale of The Wolf Among Us will release today on Steam and iOS on July 10th.

The Wolf Among Us has become a favorite among gamers since its initial release last year. Those of you who haven’t picked up the game can do so on Steam for 50% off ($12.49) until Friday, July 11th. The purchase includes the entire first season. 

The Wolf Among Us received high scores from outlets such as IGN, Destructoid and JoyStiq. It’s perfect for gamers who don’t have 20+ hours to spend on RPGs such as Dragon Age or The Witcher. Episodic gaming is becoming more and more popular, as we can see from hits such as The Walking Dead.

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