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"The Nerdist Way"

Chris Hardwick converts us all to Nerdism

Chris Hardwick is a busy man these days. Yet, somewhere in between the podcast tapings, the TV appearances and his stand-up tour, he managed to find the time to write a book. “The Nerdist Way” definitely has a specific demographic in mind and it’s on a mission to help that demographic in every way that it can.

The book’s subtitle says it all, it’s truly a manual on “How To Reach The Next Level (In Real Life).” Yes, it’s a self-help book, but it’s unlike any self-help book that I’ve ever read. Just as engaging as its author, “The Nerdist Way” strives to help geeks and nerds everywhere reach their full potential. As a nerd himself, Hardwick knows what makes us tick and what gives us the most difficulty.

“No matter the costume, Nerds obsess. We zealously deconstruct. We have a very active internal monologue (which may feel more like a dialogue sometimes). I think that so many of the things we undertake are a partial attempt to distract this monologue. We are hyper-self-aware. We have difficulty ‘chilling out.’”

Knowing all too well the weakness of the nerd, Hardwick speaks from experience to help nerds become Nerdists. What exactly is a Nerdist?

“A ‘Nerdist’ — or artful Nerd — shares all of these traits, but ‘controls’ them in a way that allows him or her to deconstruct an idea, similar to how one would in a game world, and then map out a plan so the idea can come to life. A Nerdist can also learn to turn off that internal monologue and calm the mind so that he or she can think about getting to the next level and its advanced set of rewards and challenges. And while a Nerdist will obsess and deconstruct, it’s all in an effort to reach his or her goal.”

The book is dedicated to helping nerds improve their lives by controlling their mind, their body and their time correctly. Hardwick recounts his own struggles with addiction, money management and the process of resurrecting his career, assuring the readers that he was able to achieve success and so are they.

In addition to the valuable advice (ranging from fitness regimens to budgeting to preventing panic attacks), Hardwick entertains readers with his trademark humor (including a particularly snarky and hilarious open letter from Doc Brown to Marty McFly), which helps encourage them to keep reading and inspires them to implement change in their own lives.

All in all, “The Nerdist Way” is an entertaining and valuable resource that no nerd should be without. You can find out more about Chris Hardwick, and purchase your own copy of “The Nerdist Way,” here.

Keep an eye out for the next issue of College News magazine, featuring and interview with Chris Hardwick by this Nerdist in training. 

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