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The Grovemade Dock couples organic design with new technology

Editorial Staff

This is the trendiest iPhone Dock on the market

Let me first start off by saying that Grovemade makes THE BEST accessories on the market. I say this with a completely bias attitude, because I love the classic wooden look paired with electronics. It almost like a fusion of the past and the future, making the Grovemade brand all the more fascinating. While most accessory companies focus on what looks sleek on modern, Grovemade focuses on an organic look that really makes them stick out from the rest. Available in both Walnut and Maple, the Grovemade Dock is fairly heavy upon picking it up, which is a great testament to it’s sturdiness.

Some docks are so flimsy that when you pull your iPhone out, you pick up the whole dock with you! The Grovemade Dock has some extra weight added to it for this very reason. Weighing 3 pounds, the Grovemade Dock won’t be going anywhere! All of the wood used for Grovemade products are domestically sourced, meaning you won’t be using any foreign products. What I also really like about Grovemade is that you can tell everything is hand-crafted and made with care. If you are going to invest in a dock then please look no further than the Grovemade Dock. The only downside is that since it is so heavy, it may be inconvenient to carry around in a purse. As far as having a stationary dock that is both classic and unique, then this is the one you need to get. The Grovemade Dock is available for $99 on the Grovemade website

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