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The Fall of Justin Bieber: From Douchebag to Racist

Leaked video provides definitive proof that Justin Bieber was a racist douchebag all along.

It is truly difficult to articulate the depths to which the already embarrassing Bieber legacy has sunk over these past few years. From comments like “fuck Bill Clinton,” to actions like egging people’s houses and drag racing his Lamborghini while drunk, this kid continuously pushes the boundary when it comes to being a professional douchebag. But most recently, a video was leaked that provides us with definitive proof that Bieber is not only the worlds most aggravating douchebag, but that he was the world’s most aggravating douchebag and a racist from the very beginning.

The following video shows a 14-year old Justin Bieber singing a racist parody of his song, “One Less Lonely Girl,” which is about joining the KKK and killing black people, as a friend giggles in the background. While some may argue this does not automatically mean Bieber is racist, his language most assuredly represents exactly the type of thing a racist person would say. The video also shows a clip of Justin telling a racist joke. His friend requests that he not even tell it, but of course he does anyway.


Racism can be an effective tool for comedy when the bit is set up in the proper context. But there is no comedic effect here. The context in which Justin and his nauseating friend laugh at racism is that of the very real, very problematic legacy of slavery. Hopefully this video will be damning enough to Bieber’s reputation that he’ll finally go away, or at least get deported like he should have been before.

However, despite the ignorance, hate, and negativity underlying Bieber’s comments, this event can be seen as a blessing in disguise. The cat is finally out of the bag, and once it’s out, it does not go back in. Justin Bieber is a world-class racist asshole, which, ipso facto, means any remaining Justin Bieber fans like/support a racist and are therefore probably racist themselves to some degree. But since racist people are about as offended by being labeled ‘a racist’ as are the actual victims of racism, it’s safe to say Bieber’s fan base will decrease dramatically.

It is now readily apparent that Justin Bieber is about as good at being a decent person as he is at making a decent song. There is no apology he can give that will make this embarrassing situation go away. 


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