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Taylor Momsen naked in Pretty Reckless video

Kristina Vragovic

Taylor Momsen gets naked in video for her band

Gossip Girls’ Taylor Momsen forgoes clothing for her band’s new video


Taylor Momsen, of Gossip Girl fame, went for straight-up shock value in a video released today by her rock band, The Pretty Reckless. Apparently attempting to defy any and all expectations, the video actually features no music, instead opting for a voiceover of Taylor Momsen reciting a verse from the band’s song “Under the Water.”

Oh, and by the way, 19-year-old Taylor Momsen is completely naked in the video, which consists of black-and-white close-ups of various body parts before ending on one final full-body shot. The amount of eyeliner Momsen is wearing, though, is almost enough to distract from other, er, distracting features.

The Pretty Reckless is a straight-up hard rock band produced by Kato Khandwala, who has also been a producer for Blondie, Paramore and Breaking Benjamin. On the band’s website, Taylor Momsen lists her influences as “Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd, Audioslave, Soundgarden, Oasis and Nirvana. That’s what I listened to. My rock idols are all men.” Well, it’s safe to say Taylor Momsen is most definitely female.

The new video is part of a series called “The Words” by Amp Rock TV, available to watch on its YouTube channel.

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