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Ten Ways to Look Hot While Staying Cool This Summer

Ten Ways to Look Hot While Staying Cool This Summer

As we jump into the summer season, warm weather is just around the corner. Whether you’re planning a beach day or a European city break, the last thing you want to do is overheat.

Not only does protecting your skin from the sun’s UV rays carry enormous health benefits, but keeping cool in high temperatures makes it easier to spend more time having fun outside. 

However, if you’re still hoping to catch a tan and enjoy the heat, we’ve got you covered. Here are ten ways to still look hot while keeping cool this summer. 

Woven clutches

We’re also excited to see woven bags back in style this summer. Designed to be lightweight and breathable, woven-style bags are the perfect beach accessory.

Better still, why not cry a woven clutch on your next European mini-break. As the perfect accompaniment to a flowing maxi dress and roman style sandals, get ready to enjoy your evening Aperol Spritz like one of the locals.

Long-line linen 

If you’re searching for an all-year-round fabric, look no further than linen. As one of the most breathable materials on the planet, you’ll be sure to stay cool while still looking hot this summer.

Why not pair some long-line linen trousers with a simple crop top and a straw hat. Finish the look off with some Parisian-style loafers, and you’ll be rocking summertime chic with next to no effort. 

Oversized sunnies 

For those of you excited for lazy days basking in the sunshine, there’s no better way to rock up to the seaside than with your very own pair of shades for the beach. Not only will these protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they make tucking into your favourite book that bit easier. Here’s a great list of options if you’re looking for a new pair.

2023 is the year of oversized sunnies. If you want to embrace your inner Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian, investing in a pair of oversized glamour frames will see you soaking up the sun in style.

Smock dresses

Don’t forget a smock dress in your list of holiday essentials. Not only do these flowy numbers act as a perfect swimwear cover-up, but smock dresses are perfect for keeping cool in the hot sun.

Why not search for vibrant colours that scream summer, such as burnt orange and hot pink. If you’re looking to make a statement, this all-in-one outfit will have you looking hot while keeping you cool. 

Block colour bucket hats

This ’90s essential is well and truly back. Bucket hats may be a staple of Britain’s summertime past, but in a range of bold colours, they are back and better than ever. 

If you’re planning on heading to a festival or spending long hours out in the heat, investing in one of these could save you from sunstroke while adding a pop of colour to your outfit.

Glamourous cat eyes

If you’re looking to embrace your inner Audrey Hepburn this summer look no further. Cat eye sunglasses never go out of style, making them the perfect glamorous accessory to add to your seasonal lookbook.

Not only will these shades protect your eyes from the sun, but you’ll effortlessly give off vintage vibes in this ’60s chic look. 

Straw hats

Who says you can’t stay cool in style? Like woven bags, straw and crochet-style hats have become Gen Z’s hottest trend in 2023. Whether you opt for a classic floppy design with a wide brim and a bowknot ribbon or embrace Cochella’s cowboy style, straw hats are excellent partners for a sunny day out. 

Why not opt for natural colours such as beige and tan that pair effortlessly with sunshine orange and cobalt blue?

Breathable bikini coverups

For those of you heading to an all-inclusive resort, bikini cover-ups are essential. As you make your way from the pool to the bar, a lightweight coverup allows you to ditch the beach towel and make a style statement with ease.

The key here is to choose a lightweight fabric. We’re talking viscose or cotton for a comfortable, breathable once piece that shades you from the sun. Why not get experimental and play around with sheer fabrics too, especially if you’re excited to show off your newest swimwear. 

Crochet crop tops

If you haven’t seen crochet creeping back onto the high street, have you been living under a rock? From jumpers to handbags, crochet patterns are quickly bringing the 60s couture back into style this summer. 

The best thing about crochet designs is breathability. Using woven structures that naturally let your skin breathe, it has become the go-to summer style for crop tops and seasonal dresses. 

All in one tote bag

Last but not least, if you’re heading on your next summer adventure, don’t forget your all-in-one tote bag. As a lightweight essential, fit to carry all of your cooling clothing, you won’t regret the purchase.

Better still, why not customise your tote bag with funny patterns and colours. This is a perfect way to bring a neutral outfit to life and add some personality to your summer lookbook of 2023.

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Things To Prepare For The Ultimate College Road Trip

Things to Prepare for the Ultimate College Road Trip

College is an important milestone that is meant to prepare you for the professional world, and while it is tempting to imagine a college life that is focused solely on studying to get good grades, maintaining a social life is also just as important. A study shows that focused socialization activities helped 88% of students overcome challenges and adjust to college life. Moreover, having a good social life during college helps you improve your social skills, enabling you to become a well-rounded adult.

One excellent way to spend time with your peers during college, especially during lengthier breaks in between terms, is to go on a road trip. Not only will this broaden your perspective, but this will also give you and your peers a chance to get to know each other outside of an academic setting. Before you embark on a road trip, here are some things that you need to prepare.

Schedule and Itinerary

Trips done out of impulse or that are minimally planned are quite common among college students. On average, college students only spend 46 minutes planning their trips using travel websites. 55% of students also do not have experience in planning a trip using travel websites. While spontaneous getaways might indeed seem exciting, they can also have pitfalls. You tend to spend more money during unplanned trips, you may end up with long wait times, and you may miss out on things that you might have experienced if you planned your trip well.

When you embark on your road trip, due planning is highly encouraged. Make sure that you and your friends have no prior commitments on the dates that you plan to travel. Also, engage your peers when planning. For example, all of those who are going on your road trip should have equal say on which sites to visit. Proper planning that involves the entire group ensures that you do not have unnecessary arguments in the middle of the trip itself.

Mode of Transportation

One of the best ways to have a successful and enjoyable road trip is to ensure that the vehicles you’ll use are in good condition. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 44,000 of 2.2 million accidents are caused by vehicular issues, such as faulty accelerators, electrical system problems, and problems with fuel system components. Making sure that your mode of transportation is in good shape ensures that you and your travel buddies are safe while on the road.

As such, make sure that all electrical components of your car are in good working condition. Your tires should be properly inflated, and your exterior lights and horn should be working well, too. Another important thing to know is the condition of the gas in your car. If it’s been sitting in your vehicle for months, it may be time to replace it since gas has a shelf life. Checking if your car still has good fuel is important to avoid operational problems.

Money and Other Matters

While it’s the experience that matters most during a college road trip, it doesn’t hurt to have sufficient funding for your entire trip. This is easier when you’re going on a trip alone, but planning out your finances for a trip that involves several people, college students at that, can be challenging. Things are bound to get awkward, and disagreements are bound to happen.

You and your peers do not necessarily have to have too much money in order to have a comfortable trip. The first thing that you need to agree on is that for group expenses, everyone should shell out the same amount. As well, booking your lodging ahead of time increases your chances of snagging discounted rates. You can also check for available travel programs that your school offers. These are just some possible ways to save money on your road trip. In turn, you can allot more funds to expenses that you can actually enjoy.

Going on a trip with college friends is a worthwhile experience. As long as it’s done with proper planning, you’ll find that this journey is something that will not only strengthen your social bond with your college peers, but it will also make for a more enriching college experience.

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The U.S. Heatwave Explained

Millions of people throughout the Unites States were subject to receiving heat alerts from the National Weather Service as temperatures continued to soar on Thursday in areas including much of the Pacific Northwest, the Northeast and the South. Cities such as Washington, Boston and Indianapolis have been affected with some of these warnings set to be in force until the weekend. With temperatures reaching the cusp of 122 degrees Fahrenheit the current heatwave has become record breaking. This has triggered alarming wildfires ravaging through the west coast. California has been one of the areas that has suffered. So far in 2021, the state has lost vast amounts of its land burnt down due to the fires, exceeding the five-year average. So, what categorises a heatwave and how have these record-high temperatures come about?

What is a Heatwave and how do they occur?

As stated by the National Weather Service, heatwaves are labelled when temperatures are exceeding the national averages in an area for more than two days. But this definition depends on which area within the United States you are located.

Heatwaves are born when the high pressure placed up in the atmosphere shoves the warmer area towards the direction of the ground. The air that is being pushed therefore increases in temperature due to it being compacted making us feel considerably hotter. In this case, it is the work of two high pressure systems, one moving into the Northwest from the Eastern Pacific Ocean and another edging the Southeastern US coast.

This system also increases in size vertically when being compressed causing it to push other types of weather systems nearby, further away. Moreover, by doing that it also causes little to no cloud cover and extremely low wind speeds, making the air a lot more humid.

Why is it a record-breaking Heatwave?

Much of the reason for temperatures climbing can be explained through global warming. Since the 1900s, the globe has gradually become warmer, increasing around 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit each year, with the speed of increase accelerating in recent years. Warmer baseline temperatures have brought about a growth in extreme weather situations and aids the duration of the intense heat last longer.

Have people been affected and how many?

The stifling temperatures recorded have left millions of Americans struggling to live their daily lives and have left many vulnerable. More than 150 million people have been put under various heat alerts stretching for nearly 1,500 miles of the nation. There have been issues such as the loss of electricity and with many homes built in these regions without air conditioning, there have been cases of numerous deaths.

Thousands have had to retreat to areas that have provided cooling centres which include stadiums where people can continue with their lives and have a safe place to sleep. In various shops, essentials have been sold out as well as fans and portable air conditioners.

Those in urban areas have been extremely affected as the infrastructure absorbs considerably larger amounts of heat compared to the more rural areas. In some of these urban areas, power cables have completely melted, and roads have buckled.

When will the Heatwave end?

Numerous forecasters have anticipated that the high temperatures will continue into next week for the majority of the Pacific Northwest. The high pressure systems have been moving easterly into towards Canada, with various warnings being placed there.


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Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Swimsuit

ith endless categories being used to define women’s bodies, swimsuit shopping has become an impossible task—especially as clothing tags don’t tend to say: “buy this if you’re an inverted triangle.” This season is all about body positivity and feeling good in your own skin, so let’s leave the apples and pears in the fruit bowl and get back to soaking up the sun. Baring all in a string bikini is easier said than done, however. If you feel more confident drawing eyes away from a certain area or giving yourself a little more support, our swimsuit guide for different body types has— literally—got you covered.

Small chest

If you’re looking for a suit that flatters a smaller bust, go for an embellished or ruffled design up top to help give the illusion of a larger chest. Alternatively, there are many styles on the market that have sewn-in padding to give you a little extra boost.

Big chest

A triangle bikini may not be your friend, but cup sizes, underwire and thicker straps are. Choose a stretchy material that won’t dig in, don’t be afraid to get coverage by going up a cup size, and consider flattering your décolletage with a deep V-neck. Halter straps may place pressure on your neck, but halter-top suits that sit higher up on your chest can provide great support.

Swimsuits for broad shoulders

If you’ve got wider shoulders, you can balance them by going for suits with an asymmetrical neckline that will draw the eye up and away. Similarly, patterned bottoms with a plain top, or a solid-colored suit with paneling details, will give the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Broad hips

Solid bottoms and printed tops will draw the eye away from broader hips and balance out your body. Off-the- shoulder numbers will also serve to elongate your clavicle and give you a curvy silhouette.

Complimenting a short torso

If your waistline is closer to your chest than it is to your hips, you have a small torso. By lifting the bust line with a bikini and donning low-rise bottoms, you can serve up an elongated mid-section. Adding halter straps will also work by showing off your neck and shoulders, instead of your short torso.

The ideal swimsuit for a long torso

Long torso girls can really rock a one-piece. Bikinis with high-waisted bottoms will also work to give the impression of a shorter mid section.

Flatter your back

If love handles are getting you down, tuck them away with a one-piece or high-waisted bikini bottoms that cover the belly button (to prevent a muffin top). If your problem area is higher up, go for pieces with a high back and thick straps that—instead of digging in and creating depressions—flatter and smooth your profile.

Swimsuits for short legs

To elongate shorter legs, go for high-cut suits that sit further up on the hips, creating a V-shape. If you’re feeling brave, thong-style bottoms will work to generate an optimum limb-length.

Straight figure

If you have an athletic or narrower figure you don’t need to worry about balancing proportions. To create a curvier silhouette, you can add dimension with cutouts, shirring and bold prints.


To hide a tummy or the liters of seawater you accidentally swallowed, sport a peplum style one-piece or a tankini for a cute cover-up. Ruching will also work to conceal a stomach and a plunging neckline will draw eyes away from your mid-section. Tummy control suits are revolutionary—offering easy curves and ample stability.

For the guys

Boys: will you be bold in briefs or opt for comfort in board shorts? These are longer than swim trunks and are perfect for adventurous-types that plan to surf or skate whilst catching rays (hence the word “board”). More options include square leg swimsuits, which are the equivalent of boxer underwear, and swim jammers, which hug the legs and are ideal for endurance pros.

Wear what you want

Swimsuit shopping, harsh dressing-room lights and friends with mile-high legs can be more-than-enough to ruin a beach day. Remember that nobody is looking at you. In fact, everyone feels this way—we’re just all built differently. Try to focus on emphasizing your favorite feature when choosing a suit, not covering up your least favorite. If you’re comfortable, protected and having fun, swimsuit season can’t get you down.

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Sand-Free Beach Towel

How This Australian Company Created the Sand-free Beach Towel

School is out, and summer is finally here! Many are headed to the beach for sure.

Time to pack the essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses and a beach towel.

Speaking of towels, there’s an amazing sand-free beach towel that’s changing the whole beach game—because yes, it truly repels sand!

How did it come about? Well, it all started with a hike a couple of years ago. Two friends, along with some buddies, trooped to Sydney’s Royal National Park for a beach outing.

It was a day well spent. But having to carry wet and heavy sand-laden beach towels dampened what would have otherwise been a perfect day. However, as the saying goes, “Everything begins with an idea”.

These college buddies—Volkan and Jacky—thought about making a towel that not only functioned better but looked terrific, too. Hence, the concept for Tesalate was born.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing at first. These young visionaries fondly recall those early days full of sleepless nights researching and designing. It was a rollercoaster ride of stressing out, crying and laughing.

Tesalate finally launched at Bondi Beach Markets 18 months after that fateful beach outing. From humble beginnings, this Australian company rapidly expanded to 70 countries.

Tesalate is making a big splash for a lot of reasons. Apart from being a sand-free beach towel, it’s also incredibly innovative. Now here’s where it gets technical.

Tesalate is made from AbsorbLite™ microfiber. That’s why sand easily slides off, instead of getting stuck in the looped fibers like regular towels.

No matter how drenched one gets from swimming all day, Tesalate is capable of absorbing as much as one liter (33 ounces) of water. Despite that, it dries up pretty fast!

The towel is so lightweight and compact, it fits into a small tote, too.

So, say goodbye to the days of going home from the beach drenched. Say goodbye to messing up your car seats with water and sand. Goodbye to packing smelly, wet, bulky beach towels. Tesalate is genuinely a heaven-send for every beach lover.

But hey, just because it’s a hardworking towel doesn’t mean it looks boring.

Tesalate sand-free beach towels are very much head turners. There are over 20 mouth-watering, vibrant designs catering to guys and gals’ distinct tastes.

Retailing at USD$59 each, the company offers free shipping worldwide and free returns.

Thousands of beach lovers have snapped up this fantastic beach essential. The sand-free beach towel has, in fact, earned thousands of positive reviews from all over the world since it’s launch.

Check out the towels exclusively at www.tesalate.com. Go ahead and indulge.

Because Tesalate, no doubt, will make beach days better.