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Tabletote Laptop Stands

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One of the must-have items for your back-to-school tool kit!

With the new semester just around the corner, there has never been a more pressing time to prepare with back-to-school essentials. While laptops are a key component to study, the back ache that can come with them is not conducive to a great revision session. Hunching over a laptop can lead to serious back problems due to bad posture. Propping your laptop onto a laptop stand can help to eliminate this; they can also help to reduce arm and neck pain and are ideal for raising your laptop screen to eye level.

Tabletote Portable Compact Leightweight Adjustable Laptop Stands help students do just that. Their “best in class” stands have helped students for years to be more efficient and productive in their schooling.

PC TABLES INC—the manufacturer of Tabletote laptop stands—is a trusted and reputable company that has been in business for over 16 years. Consumers from around the globe are using Tabletote laptop stands as an essential piece of equipment.

Sold exclusively via, Tabletote’s stands are top sellers. Of the 100s of laptop stands being sold, their Original and Plus Tabletote are both in the TOP 20. Their products are priced with the college student in mind, with the Original Tabletote selling for just $27.99 and the Tabletote Plus for $29.99. Compare that to other stands selling for between $75-$100!

Okay, so what makes Tabletote laptop stands so great?

Tabletote’s laptop stands are unique and different—not just another “me too!” product. These convenient workspaces set up in just seconds and without the need for tools.

COMPACT—With a folded up size of 13” (L) x 10” (W) x 2” (H),Tabletote is easy to transport and fits in most laptop bags and backpacks.
PORTABLE—Because of its compact size, it is easy to move from one place to another.
LIGHTWEIGHT—Weighs less than 3 lbs, so it is not a burden to carry.
ADJUSTABLE—Telescoping legs allow for height adjustment, from 12 inches to 29 inches, so you can use it while sitting down and standing up.
EXPANDABLE WORK SURFACE—Slide off bottom extends the top of the stand, increasing work surface from 13 inches to 22 inches.
EASY TO SET UP AND REQUIRES NO TOOLS—Sets up in less than 45 seconds.
FREE DOCUMENT HOLDER—Keeps paper at eye level while typing.
DURABLE—Made from high quality materials, so can withstand extended use.

The Original and Plus models are essentially the same, except the Plus comes with two clip-on accessories: a cup holder and a PDA holder. So as you head back to school, make sure Tabletote is on your essentials list.

Thousands of students nationwide have already changed their studying habits by using Tabletote—ORDER YOURS NOW AT AMAZON.COM! Amazon offers a stress-free buying experience with a money back guarantee. If not completely satisfied, return your laptop stand within 30 days for a full refund.

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