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Summer Décor for Your Dorm

Ellen Zacarias

Chase out the wintry dust bunnies and welcome this summer’s colors and patterns into your dorm.

Summer is the season of life and new beginnings. Colors. Patterns. Birds. Flowers. As you clear out your winter gear, you can incorporate the trends of the season with your room décor. Many of these pieces are versatile and will easily carry through summer.

1.     Nate Berkus Black Triangle Printed Pillow, Target, $24.99

A different take on the black-and-white grid trend, this pillow will make a colorful addition to your bed when your friends visit.

2.     Empress Bowl 6” Diameter, ZGallerie, $14.95 each,

Need a cute place to stash your keys? Try one (or all) of these cute bowls so that you will never forget where you put your keys on your way to class.

3.     Yellow Gray and Blue Floral Pillow, ElemenOPillows, $18,

The gray and the white in this pillow make it versatile with many color schemes. The blue and yellow make this pillow feel fresh and modern—and less granny-esque.

4.     Tribal Printed USB Wall Charger, Forever 21, $4.90,

Who needs a boring old charger when you can have one with a print? Use this in the dorm and take it along with you to the library for study trips.

5.     Handcrafted Raw Hammered Copper Pencil Holder, YanceyLighting, $20,

This hand-hammered pencil holder adds a rugged, earthy element to your surroundings.

6.     Colorful Birds Tissue Box Cover, Dogwood Box, $42,

This eye-catching tissue box will brighten up any day. Bird silhouettes with eye-catching colors. 

7.     Allyson Johnson for DENY Hello Beautiful Heart Box, Urban Outtfitters, $29,

Lean this keepsake box against a wall on your desk to show off its unique design while storing your essentials (such as jewelry, coins, etc). The light colors are perfect for spring while the wooden texture of the box feels woodsy. 

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