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Students declare that they "do not hook up"

Janelle Vreeland

In an effort to restore commited relationships and fidelty, some students are giving hook ups the brush-off

Hookups, one night stands and walks of shame seem to be synonymous with the dating scene on most college campuses these days. But after embarrassing booty calls and not-so no-strings-attached relationships, many students are apparently deciding to turn their backs on the hookup scene. With the help of groups like The Love and Fidelity Network, students are being armed with defenses strong enough to handle peer pressure.

As CNN reports, at least 75 percent of women have hooked up on campus, and the number of men hooking up on campus is usually even higher.

What is often not addressed, however, are the emotional effects that hooking up often causes, such as embarrassment, guilt, unhappiness and, of course, broken hearts. Although most scoff at these emotional repercussions, they can be intense and difficult to deal with.

As a result, more and more students are rejecting the hook up environment in favor of the traditional dating scene. A quick search on Facebook returned nearly 500 results for groups fighting to “bring back dating.”

But standing against the hookup lifestyle can be difficult. So the secular group The Love and Fidelity Network has made it their mission to give students arguments and support in favor of good old-fashioned dating.

As The Love and Fidelity Network site says, students “need an honest education about the effects of the sexual culture around them, and they need resources and support to live out their sexuality in a way that honors the full meaning and integrity of sex and human relationships.”

With affiliations with 12 campuses already, tools to research arguments in favor of traditional dating, attend conferences and book speakers and even start one’s own TLFN group, the nonprofit site is playing a large role in the beginnings of what could be a completely different kind of sexual revolution.

So does the hooking up lifestyle give you exactly what you need and want? Or do you find yourself longing for a real relationship in the midst of uncommitted partners? Is The Love and Fidelity Network admirable in its mission, or are they just living in the past?

Read more of CNN’s article on the anti-hookup culture here.

Afterward, peruse The Love and Fidelity Network’s site here.

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