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Stronger Healthier Faster puts nutrition first

Editorial Staff

SFH was founded in March 2010 as the Sports Nutrition division of Maine Natural Health.  Two short years later we merged the two companies into one.  Now SFH promotes health and fitness to all segments of the industry from medical professionals to elite level athletes. 


SFH is an All Natural Product Company grounded in science, not marketing hype.  We only bottle the very best we can produce and source world wide to bring you the highest quality.  We try to keep our prices as low as possible while bringing you a superior product.  Our key products are:  High Potency, Liquid Omega-3 Oils in five natural flavors (lemon, tangerine, vanilla, chocolate and mint), High Grade Whey Protein derived from Grass-Fed, Free-Range cows in four different formulas to suite your needs in five different flavors (natural, vanilla, chocolate, peach mango and coconut) and our newest addition, a pre-workout formula for performance athletes in black cherry flavor.  Our Omega-3 Oils come in 3 sizes (2oz, 6oz and 10oz) and are available with or without Vitamin D.  Our whey protein is available in two sizes a 2lb bag containing 30 servings or a single serving pouch and our pre-workout formula is packaged in a 540g bag and a single serving size as well.


We third party test to insure we are passing onto our customers the safest, cleanest products.  All of this information can be found on our website.


We are a family run company (father/daughter team) that is dedicated to using the mechanism-based approach to create clean products and teach the general public, healthcare professionals and aspiring athletes to elite level athletes that there is a company that cares about everyday well-being and nutrition.  There are no shortcuts in life, with a proper diet, exercise and clean supplementation you can achieve your health and fitness goals.  This should start at a high school or college level for everyone.  We believe with low levels of inflammation and lean muscle mass you can be fit and healthy for a lifetime.  


If you are looking for more information on general health or our product line we post a written blog every Tuesday and on Thursday you will find healthy recipes and shorter info-graphics on health and nutrition.


We are dedicated to bringing you the best we can bottle.  As science evolves, we evolve and this will be reflected in our product range.

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