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Stop everything – Kim Kardashian's sunglasses have been stolen

Elif Geris

Kim Kardashian's sunglasses missing during stop over to Heathrow

The reality star blames “Theifrow” Airport

Kim Kardashian is accusing London’s “Thiefrow” Airport for stealing a sentimental item – the vintage sunglasses her late father, Robert Kardashian, gifted to her.

Although Heathrow Airport is known for losing passengers’ items, British Airways is looking into Kim Kardashian’s sunglasses.

A spokesperson for British Airways is said, “[Kardashian] travelled from Nice to Heathrow Terminal 5 to Los Angeles. Terminal 5 has some of the most sophisticated automated baggage systems in the world, which are able to monitor bags every minute of their time in the terminal. At this stage, we have discovered no evidence to suggest that the bag in question was interfered with at Heathrow. Our investigation is also seeking to establish details of the bag’s passage through Nice and Los Angeles airports.”

Kim Kardashian’s sunglasses are featured in a photo of herself with her father and sister, Khloe, holding a trophy. Kardashian only wears these sunglasses on special occasions.

According to TMZ, Along with Kim Kardashian’s sunglasses to go missing were an expensive purse and Tumi luggage. 

Kardashian said, “What happened to the days when you could lock your bags! We need to get back to that. There’s no sense of security & no trust!”

Kim Kardashian’s sunglasses were what she also called, “sentimal and not replaceable,” while complaining about Heathrow’s security. 

The reality star was flying from Nice, where she joined boyfriend Kanye West for the Cannes Music Festival, and made a stop over in London, at which time Kim Kardashian’s sunglasses might have been lost.

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