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Stay Fit, Stay Fabulous

Sarah Eleid

Tips on staying healthy at school

The Freshman 15 are the most dreaded part of the whole college experience, and sadly many students don’t know how to avoid them. In my experiece, college cafeterias don’t always have the healthiest menus. In fact, most schools offer a plethora of fried food, endless carbs and greasy protein dishes. The salad bar is usually measly and unappetizing. With all this tempation, the pounds are easy to pack on with all the long nights of hard studying (mostly) and lack of parental superision. So how are we supposed to manage staying sexy and smart? Well first of all invest in a really snazzy water bottle that you can carry around all day. Studies have proven that staying hydrated helps curb cravings and keeps you from taking in unecessary calories. The second step is getting your friends and roommates on to the fitness boat with you. How to motivate them you ask? Well let’s just say that the people at the gym aren’t unpleasant to look at, and that’s girls and guys 😉 And if the whole gym scene isn’t for you, smart small by taking the stairs more often and then gradually work your way into doing mini workouts in your room. There are a lot of great, free  apps out there like “Seven Minute Workout” to guide you in starting your fitness program. Finally, don’t view the cafeteria as your enemy. You don’t have to deprive yourself of any food, but just try to keep foods that are not nutrient dense, in moderation. To make this easier, fill your plate with veggies and a lean protein first, then if you are still hungry splurge on a small amount of your favorite food. And there you have it! On your journey to staying fit and healthy, just remember that healthy is not a number on the scale; it is a state of mind where you feel comfortable and your body is working at its optimum. 

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