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Starbucks U.S. products promotes domestic jobs

Elif Geris

Starbucks U.S. products are being sold to raise funds toward Create Jobs for USA

Starbucks U.S. products are being sold to raise funds toward Create Jobs for USA

In an effort to promote and rasie money for Create Jobs for USA, Starbucks U.S. products are U.S.-made mugs and other items in all 7,000 U.S. Starbucks franchises.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a job drop, from 20 million manufacturing jobs in 1980 to 12 million jobs, accompanied globalization. Included in the Starbucks U.S. products creating manufacturing jobs, is a new 16-ounce acrylic tumbler, made in Chicago, where coffee beans are also blended, roasted and packaged to be sent around the country’s Starbucks locations. The Chicago tumbler will be made of 35-percent recycled material.

Domestic materials are to be used to make Starbucks U.S. products at the American Mug & Stein factory in East Liverpool, Ohio.

The new Starbucks U.S. product line is called “Indivisible” and will begin showing up on the famous coffee shop shelves all across the country on July 9th.

Each time a new Starbucks U.S. product is sold, proceeds will go toward the Create Jobs for USA fund. Of each $11.25 acrylic carrier mug sold, Starbucks will donate $2 toward the fund. Also included in the new Starbucks U.S. products are 12-ounce ceramic mugs, priced at $9.95, and bringing another $2 per sale to Create Jobs for USA. Finally, the new whole-bean coffee blend from Chicago will bring in $5 per package sold.

The Starbucks U.S. products funds are inspiring other corporate companies to return to U.S. factory materials. And so far, Starbucks has accumulated $11.5 million in the effort to bring back Starbucks U.S. products and jobs, and hope to raise up to $80 million. According to Starbucks, nearly 4,000 U.S. jobs are supported by this fund.

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