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5 Ways to Examine Your Spotify Listening Habits

Manny Berhanu

5 Ways to Examine Your Listening Habits on Spotify

It is always a fun treat checking out the insights into which artists, tracks and genres filled your year, when Spotify release the annual Spotify Wrapped.

However, if you can’t wait until December to have a look over your Spotify statistics, here are 5 of the best third-party apps to connect to your Spotify to view your top artists and tracks as well as help you get a better understanding of your overall listening habits.



Visualify is an app which will display the top 5 artists and tracks you have listened to from the last month, year and all time on Spotify. The app summarises your listening history by presenting clear and easy-to-read visuals.

One of the best features on the app is that you can produce your very own artwork formulated on your most listened artists and tracks and order a high-quality poster. You can customise with different designs such as vinyl wheels and grids. These posters have a starting price of $25 with free shipping worldwide.

However, there are some limitations of the app. Aspects such as genres and moods do not get displayed therefore you will not be able to get an insight in terms of those areas.



Obscurity is seen as one of the best apps on the platform to view your listening habits. Similar to many others, the app tells you your top artists and tracks from previous days, weeks, months and of all time, whilst also being provided with recommendations based on what you listen to. However, it also provides you with information on genres, listing out your top ten genres.

One of the most eye-catching features on the app is that it can compare the artists and tracks you listen to, to what others in your area listen to. On top of that, it also provides you with an obscurity percentage that analyses your music taste to the rest of the population in your country and worldwide.



One of the standout features on Musictaste.Space is that you can send a unique code to your friends and the app compares the music you both listen to, taking a look at your compatibilities.

The comparison is based on the top 100 artists and tracks yourself and your friend have listened to.

In addition, the app also creates a playlist based on the genre of music both you and your friend have a liking for. However, this only transpires if your music compatibility rating is higher than 50%.

Therefore, if you are looking to share tracks and playlists with your friends, as well as willing to compare music tastes, then this is the app for you.


Judge My Spotify

This site provides a lot of fun for the user as it lets you know how bad your music taste is, by providing you with some light-hearted insults.

As your music library gets loaded up onto the site, expect to receive some cranky comments and some relentless roasts, whilst your music taste gets rated with every questions. This can range from asking if you’re a fan of a specific artist or if you were listening to a song ironically.

The final result is a summary filled with snarky insults regarding the type of music you listen to and provides you with which artists and tracks you listen to excessively, not hesitating to let you know how terrible your music taste is.

Whilst you will not be able to get a clear synopsis of what your top artists or tracks are, compared to the other sites, this is certainly more of an amusing way to delve into your listening habits. is seen as the ultimate third-party app that goes deep into your listening history. Compared to the other 4, this site is extremely complex, and it requires you to make an account first before connecting it to your Spotify. breaks down your listening habits into statistics after you have created your account. Not only does it tell you your most played artists, albums and tracks, but it tells you exact number of times you have played them. By doing this, the app builds a detailed program of your music taste.

Every time you play a song, it gets logged as a “scrobble”. The site gives you the ability to look at every song you have played and how many times you have scrobbled an artist or track.

Compared to the other sites, certainly provides you with the most information.

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