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Get Ready For Covergirl's Star War's Inspired Line!

Covergirl releases a new lie of makeup for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars fans and beauty gurus of the world unite, because CoverGirl has officially announced the limited edition Star Wars: The Force Awakens makeup line!

CoverGirl’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens is all about getting in touch with the light and the dark sides of the Force. The line will feature six new lipstick colors, three different shades of nail polish, and ten tubes of mascara. The lipsticks include a diverse selection of colors, allowing us to choose from Dark Purple, Gold, Red, Lilac, Silver, and Nude. The three nail polish colors are red, purple, and sand. As an added bonus, the products come with quotes from six Star Wars movies and The Force Awakens.

The waterproof mascaras have quotes on the bottle from the light side of the Force:

Mascara 1/10: “May the force be with you”

Mascara 2/10: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Mascara 3/10: “You’re my only hope”

Mascara 4/10: “I feel the good in you”

Macara 5/10: “Luminous beings are we”

The regular mascara bottles feature quotes from the dark side of the Force:

Mascara 6/10: “I will finish what you started”

Mascara 7/10: “There has been an awakening”

Mascara 8/10: “Indeed you are powerful”

Mascara 9/10: “You will meet your destiny”

Mascara 10/10: “Immune to the light”

While our heads are already spinning with the awesome looks that can be created with the makeup in the line, CoverGirl released two beautiful samples which include a beautiful bronze-gold droid look and an edgy black and white Stormtropper look.

Unfortunately, the line doesn’t seem like it’s going to include a Jar Jar Pink shade for any of the products. Bummer.

The line will be available for purchase online on Force Friday (September 4th) and in stores mid-September. See more of the limited edition makeup line on allure.com.

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