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So you hooked up with your best friend…

Editorial Staff

And now you want to save your relationship. What to do? Ask College News

I’d like to start this article by clearing up a well-disputed fact: girls and guys cannot just be friends. At least, not at first. Even if it’s never mutual, someone is going to be attracted to the other at some point in your friendship.

More often than not, you’re going to end up hooking up. So, having established that fact, let’s say you got drunk, hooked up, and now are stuck in a super awkward situation.  Here are a few guidelines on how to save your friendship with the opposite sex.

First of all, figure out how YOU feel about the other person. 

Was this a drunken excursion into romance-ville, or do you legitimately want to be more than just friends?  The days following a hook-up with a friend are a good time to explore your possibilities with the other person, considering they obviously just showed some kind of interest in you.

However, if you establish you don’t actually want a romantic relationship with this person, then don’t brag to everybody that you hit it.  If you want to try and remain friends with the other person, they probably won’t appreciate you telling the world what happened.

Going off of that notion: don’t make it awkward.  You were obviously comfortable enough with the other person to be intimate with them, so don’t be totally weird about what you did. 

Don’t ignore your friend for the next week, and don’t pretend it didn’t happen. Your best bet is to take on the situation head-on and actually talk to them about it. 

Figure out how they feel, and what course of action they would like to take from here on out.

Finally, learn from your mistakes. 

Let say your hook-up ruins your friendship. Try to remember that consequence in the future. Go out in a group, or take it easy on the alcohol.  Don’t jeopardize your friendships for a temporary thrill.

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