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Shakira sex tape being shopped

Kelly Bradley

Shakira singing live in Paris in 2010

A sex tape of Shakira is currently being shopped to the highest bidder

Shakira, famous Colombian singer, is now supposedly starring her very own celebrity sex tape. According to reports, two of the singer’s former employees say there is an alleged sex tape in their possession featuring Shakira and Barcelona player Gerard Pique. The employees are currently unidentified and have been working for her for 11 years.

How the pair got hold of the alleged sex tape remains a mystery. A Barcelona agent to whom the video holders showed the clip says “The video lasts about 15 minutes. I guess it’s recorded with a mobile phone by an employee who was in the cockpit of the boat.”

It is not entirely known whether the sex tape is indeed legitimate or not. Because the picture quality in the video is fuzzy, it is unclear whether or not the female in the video is actually Shakira.

According to Mexico’s TV Notas, Shakira’s employees are using the tape to blackmail the singer. Her employees recently sued her, saying they were fired for failing to prepare her food in the middle of the night—a claim Shakira’s legal team has denied.

This isn’t the first time the Hips Don’t Lie singer has been the subject of a sex tape. Tapes of her with former boyfriends Alejando Sanz and Antonia de la Rua supposedly exist, but no images have ever come to light.

Shakira’s lawyer, Ezequiel A. Camerini, said “There is clear evidence of intentions to defame and cause harm to my client by taking advantage of her public persona and spotless personal reputation in exchange for money.”

In similar news, it has recently been confirmed that Shakira and Pique are expecting a baby in January.

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