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Ryan Lochte proves further that he’s an idiot, this time with a television show

Rob Gilmore

Ryan Lochte showing off the only thing he's got going for him. No, not the medals.

Ryan Lochte epitomizes “dumb jock’ on new show. Anyone surprised?

Ryan Lochte, the 28-year-old Olympic gold medalist, started his own reality show called “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” premiering on the E! Cable TV channel.  The first episode premiered Sunday to an audience of 807,000 viewers in the 18-49 demographic.

But get this… About twice as many people were watching a rerun, yes a rerun, of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and E! Did everything in its power to successfully launch Lochte’s television career, pulling out all the stops with the best possible lead-in: Ryan Seacrest.

And this wasn’t just plain old Ryan Seacrest.  This was Ryan Seacrest internviewing the Kardashians.  The dynamic duo earned themselves 1.5 million viewers.  Looks like about half stayed around for Lochte’s television antics.  Those numbers might sound impressive, but they only nabbed Lochte a 0.4 rating, pretty terrible for a show’s first run.

And things get even worse for our poor Ryan Lochte.  His show debuts on the heels of an unflattering video that went viral over the weekend, showing him performing poorly as usual- in an interview with Fox affiliate WTXF in Philadelphia.  We all know the girls don’t love Lochte for his brains.

The Washington Post reports that the show became most entertaining when it ended.  The anchors laughed hysterically over Lochte’s response to some of their questions and wondered out loud how the hell producers would have enough material on him for an entire show. 

Lochte hd this to say to haters. “The more known you get in the public eye, the more haters you’re gonna have and that’s a given,” he said to E! News. “But, you know what? All the haters, all the name calling goes through one ear (and) out the other and I don’t mind it. The way I look at it the more haters I have it means I’m doing something right.”

Lochte can get away with being a moron in the swimming pool, but God help him when he opens his mouth.  At least we all get an amusing television show out of it, and maybe that’s all the E! Channel want, too.

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