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Amputee brawl

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Don’t let a lack of limbs keep you down

Amputee brawl- well, now we’ve seen everything. Never claim that amputees aren’t like everyone else. They can lead full lives, play sports and become soccer hooligans in a free-for-all amputee brawl.

What was supposed to be a charity soccer match played by amputees (seemingly sweet and inspirational) quickly went south when one of the amputees tripped an opposing team member which led to an embarrassing amputee brawl that was soon joined by some able-bodied spectators. Punches were thrown, people were kicked (by artificial appendages, of course) and the referees were unable to restore order during the biggest (and possibly only) amputee brawl in history.

We knew British soccer firms were rough and tumble, but apparently they’ve got nothing on the German amputee league.

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