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Planned Parenthood is setting a $1.4 million ad campaign against Romney

Jennifer Dimaano

Gage Skidmore

The controversial group announces it’s endorsement for President Obama’s re-election

Planned Parenthood just announced it is endorsing President Obama for re-election as well as announcing its $1.4 million campaign against Romney, accusing the Republican candidate for “undermining women’s rights.”

The 30 second ad ends with a slogan, “Mitt Romney is out of touch and wrong for women.”

“What you’re seeing with this ad demonstrates what Mitt Romney has said he’s going to do about women’s health care — get rid of Planned Parenthood, end the national family planning program that provides healthcare to 5 million women,” Cecile Richards, President of the group, discusses during her appearance on Morning Joe. “I think that’s why we’re seeing the kind of gender gap we’re seeing in this race.”

Planned Parenthood’s ad campaign will run in major swing states of Florida, Virginia, Washington D.C. and Iowa through June 19. The ad criticizes Romney for wanting to “get rid” of Planned Parenthood as well as eliminating the Title X program. Planned Parenthood has been targeted by many Republicans because of offering abortion services and contraception.

FoxNews has stated, “The ad campaign seeks to exploit the so-called gender gap between the two candidates. Polls consistently show Obama doing better among female voters than Romney—though Romney typically does better among men.”

There has been much back and forth between the two presidential candidates on “war on women.”

Richards said in a statement, “Unlike President Obama, what Mitt Romney doesn’t seem to understand is that women’s health issues are economic issues for women and families.” Richards finishes off with the ad slogan, “The fact that Mitt Romney doesn’t understand and shows just how out of touch and wrong for women he really is.”

Romney’s campaign rebuked and said Obama is casting “the real war on women.” Romney said back in April about Obama’s economic policies, “This president did not cause the recession; he just made it worse and made it longer…And it’s been harder for the recovery to occur. And, as a result, women have suffered.”

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