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Ryan Lochte potential candidate for The Bachelor?

Kelly Bradley

Ryan Lochte at the 2009 Santa Clara Grand Prix

Ryan Lochte supposedly in the running to become the next Bachelor

Ryan Lochte, famous for his breakout in the 2012 London Olympics, may be in the running to become the next Bachelor. But, is the Olympic athlete ready for such a commitment?

According to his own mother, he goes on one-night-stands because “he’s not able to give fully to a relationship because he’s always on the go.” Doesn’t sound too promising ladies. However, for ABC executives, it might.

Ryan Lochte appeared on The Tonight Show where he showed interest in becoming a contestant on the next season of Dancing with the Stars as well as The Bachelor.

Lochte’s time in London has not only given him five Olympic swimming medals, but major celebrity status outside of the pool as well. He recently had a cameo on the CW soap 90210 and made an appearance at the red carpet premiere of The Expendables 2.

Just over the weekend, Ryan Lochte spent some time in Las Vegas partying alongside British royalty, Prince Harry. Harry even challenged the Olympic winner to a friendly race in the pool.

Ryan Lochte isn’t the only Team USA athlete to take advantage of the perks that come with celebrity status. In fact, more than a dozen former and current Olympians have appeared on Dancing with the Stars. Some of these include Natalie Coughlin, Shawn Johnson and Apolo Anton Ohno.

Although the Olympics may be over, don’t expect Ryan Lochte to step out of the spotlight just yet.

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