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Rush Limbaugh calls National Organization for Women "nags"

Billy Gardner

Rush Limbaugh- outspoke against women...again?

He’s at it again

The most recent news surrounding the outspoken conservative radio talk show host came when he now criticized the National Organization for Women and its founder Terry O’Neill for comments she made at a recent convention.

“All of this outrage that they have been spewing for a week—how horrible it’s been, how uncouth,” Limbaugh said. “Just listen to her describe it.”

Rush Limbaugh, who has lost a slew of his advertisers, listeners and, its safe to say, woman fans,  recently called a young Georgetown law student ‘a slut,’ decided to play a clip of Terry O’Neill on his latest radio talk show.

“Right now it really seems like we’ve got this godsend named Rush Limbaugh who has dropped this thing in our lap,” O’Neill said. “Which is just wonderful. But the road ahead is really not gonna be completely rosy.  We’ve got to be very clear on what the challenges are, and very clear about how we can move our own agenda forward in the current political climate.”

“I thought they were outraged,” Limbaugh replied. “I thought they were offended. I thought it was the worst thing they ever heard anybody say.  Now it’s ‘wonderful.’  What a political opportunity.” Rush Limbaugh, who refers to the members of the organization as “Nags,” continued: “A godsend! The Nags called me a godsend. So not only am I God’s gift to Obama, I’m God’s gift to women.”
The issue that broke the mold seems to have gotten lost in translation, or in Rush Limbaugh insinuations, birth control. CNN tried to bring to light the actual issue that many seem to have forgotten about, by bringing Sandra Fluke on the show, she commented, “It’s unfortunate that some folks have made it so much about me and my access, because that was not what my testimony was about,” she said. “I would encourage people to take a look at that testimony.”

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