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Rundown Guide for September 13, 2011

Fredric Hall

Primus frontman Les Claypool

Anthrax, Primus and Staind all come out with new albums this week

This week, the old pros have come out to show us why they managed to stay around for so long. If you’ve never heard of these bands, please take some time and look into their discographies and take a listen. You might learn something. I don’t know what that something will be, but it will be a something.

Primus – ”Green Naugahyde” [ATO Records]

How long has it been since Primus’ last album? Twelve years? Damn, that’s a long time since they released a full album. But that doesn’t mean Les Claypool was sitting on his ass the whole time. With numerous side projects like Colonel Les Claypool’s Flying Frog Bridage, Oysterhead and probably curing cancer, Les Claypool managed to put back Primus and bust out a new full-length album of funky, weirdness that will make fans chant “Primus Sucks” (that’s their slogan, by the way). Peep “Lee Van Cleef” if you dare. 

Anthrax – ”Worship Music” [Megaforce]

Speaking of folks we haven’t heard in a while, here’s Anthrax. Since ”We’ve Come For You All” dropped in 2003, the group has been busy touring, releasing a few live albums along the way. Now, they went back to the studio, brought back former vocalist Joey Belladonna, and are now ready to shred and melt faces with ”Worship Music.” Don’t believe me?  Check out “Fight ‘Em Till You Can’t.”

Staind – ”Staind” [Alantic]

Being the band’s seventh album, Staind has apparently a level of badassitude so high that giving their album a title wasn’t neccesary. The new album has Aaron Lewis grafting all his emotions onto every word he sings. “Not Again” and “Wannabe” are evidence of this. 

Qwazaar and Batsauce – ”Bat Meets Blaine” [Galapagos 4 Records]

I figure I give the underground a little shine. What you are about to hear is a collaboration between Chicago MC Qwazaar and Berlin-born producer extraordinaire Batsauce. Together they came up with some tasty mixtures of funky beats and machine-gun rhymes for all the heads out there. As evidence, dig into “I Know”. 

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