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Rundown Guide for October 20, 2011

Fredric Hall

Jane's Addiction's frontman Perry Ferrell

This week brings us new music from Everlast, Jane’s Addiction, and underground rap group Freestyle Fellowship.

I know some of your are getting use to College New’s brand – spanking new layout.  Awesome, ain’t it?  Got that new car smell.  Anyway, some things remain the same, and I’m still bringing new music to check out this week.

Everlast – ”Songs For The Ungrateful Living” [Martyr Inc Records]

The past couple of years have been prolific for Everlast.  With his solo works, his partaking in the hip – hop supergroup La Costa Nostra, this dude made sure his presence was in your radar.  ”Songs For The Ungrateful Living” is keeping up the pace as he goes back to his ”Whitey Ford Sings The Blues” motif that brought him mainstream success.  Judging by the tracks “Get By” and “The Rain”, the album is a record for the hardships of working class folk, sort of like Johnny Cash if he had two turntables and a microphone.

Freestyle Fellowship – ”The Promise” [Decon Records]

Twenty years ago, a group of underground MCs known as Freestyle Fellowship, released ”To Whom It May Concern…”.  It wasn’t a commercial success like it West Coast brethren like N.W.A,  but Freestyle Fellowship did paved the way for the fast – talking raps that will be popular during the mid – ninties.  They were also the first to infuse jazz elements into their music, way before Digable Planets with their “Rebirth of Slick”.  They’re continuing their tradition with ”The Promise”, with tracks like “This Write Here” and “We Are”.

Jane’s Addiction – ”The Great Escape Artist” [Capitol]

I was going to start to blub about how long it has been since Jane’s Addiction released an album, but that would be redundant.  Why?  Because frontman Perry Ferrell, like Everlast, never left.  He’s been running the revived version of Lollapalooza since 2003, and has been known to go up on stage for sing a song or two.  With the constant exposure, fans have wanted him to put out a damn Jane’s Addiction album already.  Well, now you got it.  I hope you’re busting your pants right now.

Jedi Mind Tricks – ”Violence Begets Violence” [Enemy Soil Records]

At the conclusion of this list is something that is soaked in grit, blood, and guts.  Vinne Paz and Jus Allah, forming the duo Jedi Mind Tricks, doesn’t was time coming up with witty word play, similies, or any of that bullshit.  This is simply a smashmouth album and of booming bass, drity samples and even dirtier rhymes.  It’s the type of album that will amp you up and conjure up an urge to break stuff.  Dig on “Target Practice” to see what I’m talking about.

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