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Rundown Guide for May 23, 2011

Fredric Hall

Thurston Moore

Thurston Moore’s new album is out as is Madlib’s latest addition to the “Medicine Show”

As you can see, I only got four entries today. That’s because it’s been a slow week of releases this week. Maybe it’s because all the label heads are out with their families and shit for the Memorial Day weekend coming up. Who knows. Anyway, here’s what we have to look forward to for this week.

Thurston Moore – “Demolished Thoughts” [Matador Records]

I figured we start this shindig with something a bit avant garde. And things can no more avant-garde than Sonic Youth’s frontman Thurston Moore. “Demolished Thoughts” will be the singer’s third solo release. The album is supposed to boast a more acoustic feel, with Beck lending a hand producing the tracks. After listening to the song “Benediction,” with Moore’s gentle guitar strums and a meditative violin accompanying him, this seem to be a bit more chilled than his previous works.

X-Raided – “Unforgiven Vol.3: Vindication” [Gangway/Bloc Star]

Man, I almost forgot about this dude.

To all wannabe gangsta rappers, whatever lyrics you’re spewing to your audience about how many guns you’re blasting, or how many broads you’re banging, you can never be as hard as west coast rapper X-Raided. From 1995 to now, he’s recorded 16 albums, five compilations and started a record label, all while incarcerated. Yep, he’s in jail, serving a 31-year sentence for first degree murder. With “Vindication”, X-Raided takes his time (seriously, most of the tracks go for five minutes) talking about street life, life in jail, and — on the track “Love, Loyalty, Respect” — shows his love towards his family. 

Face Candy – “Waste Age Teen Land” [Rhymesayers]

When the late Eyedea collaborated with some musicians in 2005, he wanted to something that’s really out there, that pushes the boundaries of not just hip-hop, but music in general. In 2009, they performed a set at the Black Dog Café and Winterland Studios. The result? “Waste Age Teen Land.” What does it sound like? Well, it sounds like sounds. Really, it’s a unpredicateble, disjointed, mish-mash of lyrics, drums, bass, guitar and everything that’s available. I really can’t pick one track out this joint, but Underground Hip Hop has snippets of every track. Enjoy!

Madlib w/Frank Nitt –“Medicine Show Number 09: Nittyville” [Madlib Invazion]

Continuing the monthly series of releases from the Beat Conducta Madlib, for this installment he has dropped the forays into different genres and settled for traditional hip-hop. Just a MC, Frank Nitt, a beat  and that’s it. However, this album does have the off-the-wall sounds that you would expect from Madlib, so you can rest easy if you’re thinking he’s gone soft. “Nittyville” is a perfect example of that, as is “So Beautiful,” which has Frank showing his flow about his bling and shit.

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