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Rundown Guide for July 6, 2011

Fredric Hall

The Damned's vocalist David Vivian

This week, aside from the Damned, will feature artists that you’ve probably never heard of

It’s been a slow week, with this being the week after July 4th and all. But, as you can see, I’ve managed to pick up a few things that are worth checking out. So take a look-see, will you?

Vakill – ”Armour of God” [Molemen Records]

In recent years, Chicago has been getting some shine in the hip-hop game. With rappers like Common and…um…Crucial Conflict? Does anymore remember them? Okay, so Common is the only recognizable star, but Chicago always had a thriving underground hip-hop scene; its major contributors being a group of beatmakers called the Molemen. The beat collective cut tracks for several artists, like Rhymefest, freestyle legend Juice and this cat, Vakill.  Hearing Vakill spit rhymes is like watching a contortionist bend her back so her feet are in front of her face — you’re amazed at the spectacle, while simultaneously saying to yourself, “Damn that’s nasty.”  That’s Vakill’s wordage: nasty tapestry of similes and metaphors weaving in and out, making a beautifully creative quilt of rhymes. So, with ”Armour of God,” hopefully people will be able to see what I’m talking about and give this man the exposure he needs. 

Samiyam – ”Sam Baker’s Album” [Brainfeeder]

There’s more to Ann Arbor, Michigan than Kid Rock, Eminem and The White Stripes. They have people that make good music too. Hailing from Ann Arbor Samiyam went to L.A. back in 2006 and made a big splash in the hip-hop scene with his funky, electronic beats. Think Dubstep with some soul,if you will. ”Sam Baker’s Album” is a contender with DJ Shadow’s ”Entroducing” in regards to an album with a complexity and realization that brings it up from being a bunch of tracks strung together to make an album. But you can see for yourself in the video below.  

The Damned – ”Machine Gun Etiquette Anniversary Live Set” [Audio Visual Fidelit]

The year The Damned released their second and classic album ”Machine Gun Etiquette” was 1979. The album was an instant success, with songs like “Noise Noise Noise”, “Smash it Up” and “Melody Lee” becoming punk staples throughout the years. To celebrate, the band went on a tour performing the album, along with several other classics like “New Rose” and “Neat Neat Neat” at a show in Manchester where it was all recorded for the album. Where most bands of their longevity phone it in, their performance was on point, exuding the energy of horny teenagers at the audience. One of the few live albums that I can stand.

Dayglo Abortions – ”Feed Us a Fetus” [God Records]

This week sees the reissue of Dayglo Abortions’s ”Feed Us a Fetus.” Now, if you like you’re punk crude — and I mean really crude — then you’re in the right place. Want to hear how lead singer The Cretin steals his guitar solos from the Rolling Stones and is inspired by Spiderman? Come on down. But underneath the crudeness is some pretty awesome music. Fast-paced and never devoid of energy. From what I can tell the album contains no new bells and whistles, just good ol’fashioned, in-your-face punk. That’s it.

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