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Rihanna and Chris Brown get close at VMAs

Rihanna kissed her former beau, and abuser, after accepting award


The saga of Rihanna and Chris Brown seems to be far from over, as the two appeared quite close at last night’s Video Music Awards. After Rihanna took the stage to accept her award — her hit “We Found Love” won for best video — she stopped to give Chris Brown a friendly hug and kiss during the commercial break.

Footage of the exchange popped up on MTV’s website today, and speculation is now swirling as to where Rihanna and Chris Brown are headed. It was the couple’s first public appearance together since 2009, when they broke up because of Chris Brown’s widely publicized physical attack on Rihanna. But Rihanna told Oprah Winfrey in a recent interview that she was still in love with Chris Brown, that he was the “love of her life,” and that the two are still friends. Last night’s display of affection certainly backs up her statements, though it’s not enough to imply that they’re getting back together.

As ever, fans are divided as to whether Rihanna and Chris Brown should ever reconcile. Rihanna’s critics think she should never have forgiven Chris Brown for his actions. Joan Rivers in particular had harsh words to say about Rihanna’s continued feelings for her ex-lover. On the other hand, the media is calling the moment “tender” and “sweet,” and both Rihanna and Chris Brown fan sites had this to tweet:

Chris and Rihanna did that to show you that THEY HAVE moved on. Why can’t the fans?

Rihanna moved on… I moved on. Past is past. 🙂

What do you think? Is it possible for the couple to move on and have a public friendship — or more — even after the 2009 abuse scandal? Or will Rihanna and Chris Brown have to play it close to the vest, to avoid the continued public criticism?

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