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Rhodium as an investment?

Janelle Vreeland

Rhodium in three states

Rhodium rarer and cheaper than gold

If you’re looking for an investment opportunity, rhodium make be the element you’re looking for.

Energy and Capital reports that rhodium is rarer than gold, but also cheaper, giving it solid medium-term prospects. A cousin to platinum, rhodium is valued at just under $1,700 an ounce.

The demand for rhodium has been hurt by the Japanese tsunami and the economic problems in the West.

“Rhodium is particularly suited to gasoline-powered vehicles that dominate major automotive markets outside Europe,” says the Wall Street Journal. So, as global demand for vehicles increases and emissions standards become stricter, surpluses of rhodium will begin to diminish. The Journal predicts that by 2013, rhodium’s rarity will sustain its pricing.

You can read more about rhodium here.

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