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RECAP: Bates Motel Season Premiere

Adrianna Velazquez

Bates Motel is back and things are creepier than ever.

Bates Motel is back and its creepier than ever before.

Back for a third season, the series returned March 9 on A&E and debuted with an inappropriate scene where Norman and his mother Norma are seen spooning in bed.

Dylan spotted the two after searching for Norman and seeing that his bed was made. Dylan later confronted Norma about the incident, pointing out that the situation was inappropriate and that it should not continued. With that, Norma agreed and then sent Norman back to his bed the following night.

Its the end of summer vacation for Norman Bates, 18, who is entering his senior year of high school. Not wanting to go to school, Norma forces him against his will by pulling him out of the car at one point after Norman refuses to leave the car parked out front.

His time back in the classroom didn’t last long. While at lunch Norman began hallucinating. He saw his teacher, Miss Watson sitting next to him, welcoming him back to school and telling him about the new book they would be reading this school year. Norman ended up running out of school after Miss Watson became decorated with a cut throat and blood seeping through her hands.

After returning home, Norma suggest that Norman try homeschooling so that he doesn’t have to face the difficulties of going back to school. Emma is saddened by the news and also decides to try homeschooling with Norman after informing him that her lung capacity has diminished.

Following the news, Norman suggests its time they date. Emma agrees but shortly after Norman is captivated by a new Bates Motel guest who is in town on business. Norman is caught peering into the bathroom window late one night as she undresses and showers. He’s caught by Norma who drags him back into the house and confronts him for his inappropriate behavior.

Shortly after, Norma let Norman back into her bed for what she said was one night, considering she was saddened over the loss of her mother and needed him to comfort her.

On the other side of town, Dylan gets followed in the middle of the night, pulls over and demands the driver exit the van. It’s Caleb, his dad/uncle. While Caleb attempts to make small talk with Dylan, insisting he’s the only family he has left after his mother’s passing, Dylan makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with Caleb, demanding him to leave town. However, after turning to head out Caleb doesn’t get far. Dylan finds Caleb on the side of the road the following morning with a broken down van. After driving him into town to get the necessary parts to fix the van, Dylan demands for Caleb to leave.

Additionally, Dylan declines a position offered to him by Romero to run the town’s marijuana industry. Instead, Dylan suggests that he would rather be involved in the industry legally by growing the drug to help those in need and making just enough to get by.

The season premiere finishes off with Norman and Emma sitting in the office talking when the new guest enters asking where a specific venue is located in town. Norman, immediately captivated by her beauty stands up and offers to drive her into town and walk back since he had to run errands anyway. He gets in the car and heads into town but when he returns he returns with the car, but no guest, implying that Norman’s psychotic killer persona is back.

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