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Ramon Sessions goes to the Lakers

Billy Gardner

Ramon Sessions on the Cleveland Cavaliers standing next to future teammate Pao

Along with a tangled web of players and draft picks elswhere

The veteran LA Laker point guard Derek Fisher was traded to the Houston Rockets, along with a conditional draft pick, for Jordan Hill. Fisher had played 13 of his 16 seasons with the west coast team where he won 5 NBA championships with the storied franchise. His first 8 seasons were for the Lakers, then they gave him up to the Golden State Warriors, he was then traded to Utah, only to be put back on the Lakers and eventually be again given up for a new point guard. 

The Lakers underwent a separate deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers in order to the fill the Derek Fisher void by acquiring Ramon Sessions. The Lakers also traded Luke Walton for Cleveland’s Christian Eyenga as another part of the deal.

Ramon Sessions who turns 26 this month, was Kyrie Evans back-up at Cleveland, where he averaged 10.5 points and 5.2 assists per game. Sessions was expected to opt out of his Cleveland contract to become a free agent, but on the last day of the trade deadline, at the buzzer, he was swooped up by the LA lakers.

Ramon Sessions, out of the University of Nevada- where he still ranks second in career assists, was the 56th draft pick picked up by the Milwaukee Bucks in 2007. The LA Lakers hope to fit Sessions into the starting line-up in preparation for playoff showdowns and further.

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