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Pulitzer Prizes awarded; New York Times takes home four

Ted Ballantine

Denver Post wins for Aurora coverage

The 2013 Pulitzer Prizes were handed out on Monday, April 15, and though there were many winners, The New York Times seemed to be the real champion as the newspaper took home four of the awards.

The New York Times won the Pulitzer for best investigative reporting, explanatory reporting, international reporting and feature writing.

The Times’ winning investigative story was on WalMart officials in Mexico bribing authorities to obtain permits designed to give the store a competitive advantage in the country. The story was a culmination of over a year’s worth of reporting and led to a Department of Justice investigation.

The runner up in that category was the Chicago Tribune’s piece on the dangers of flame retardants.

The explanatory reporting prize was won by the Time’s series of articles titled “The iEconomy,” which explored Apple’s business practices and in particular the outsourcing of iPhone manufacturing to China.

The prize for local reporting went to the Star Tribune in Minneapolis. That paper ran a series called “The Daycare Threat”, which detailed the spike in infant deaths at local day care facilities. The Pulitzer judges said part of their decision was based on the fact that the story spurred legislative action in Minnesota.

The editorial cartoonist for the paper, Steve Sack, also received a Pulitzer for a separate category.

The Denver Post won in the category of breaking news reporting for their coverage of the Aurora theater shooting. The judges cited the paper’s use of social media to gain insight into the events and track information.

The biggest surprise of the voting was the award for national reporting, which was received by the small outlet InsideClimate News. The outlet is less than six years old and is funded entirely by charitable donations and reader support. The outlet won for its story examining the dangers of a substance called dilbit, which is used in drilling by oil companies.

For a complete list of 2013 Pulitzer Price winners, go here:

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