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Psy plans for new album, topless show

Jason Oliva

Psy at a press conference on Sept. 25, 2012

If “Gangnam Style” reaches #1, Psy will perform the hit topless

Psy, the South Korean rapper who has taken America by storm with his dance hit “Gangnam Style,” plans on making a new album in the United States come November. The Korean rapper, who was shocked to see his popularity rise in the States seemingly out of thin air, lives to continue his shock-fest after proclaiming he will perform “Gangnam Style” if the song reaches a #1 spot on U.S. music charts.

Psy, the pudgy, Korean phenomenon to drop the latest dance craze of the 2010s, never took himself too seriously. Instead, Psy prefers to have “fun by music.” The 34-year-old rapper was raised in Gangnam, Seoul’s version of Beverly Hills, before traveling stateside to attend Boston’s Berklee College of Music. When asked about his appearance and his goofy dance moves—one of which includes galloping atop an imaginary steed—Psy admitted that he never really fit in with the well-dressed, groomed appearance of South Korean bands.

“Honestly, I like being ‘second class,’” Psy stated, referring to his sore thumb image.

The Korean rapper is doing so well for himself that his own father’s technology company, DI Corp.’s stock has doubled since “Gangnam Style” released in July on the Seoul Stock Exchange.

For Psy, the family business was simply not something that appealed to him. He dropped out of an American business school against his parents’ wishes to focus more closely on his music career, and so far it has been paying off, seeing as Psy is the Internet’s latest viral sensation that isn’t cat-related or meme-based.

If the contagiously dance-inducing “Gangnam Style” does happen to claim a number one spot on the Billboard Music Charts, be sure to expect a topless Psy galloping his invisible horse all the way to the bank.

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