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Protandim boosts Lifevantage stock price

Editorial Staff

Company sees 19% rise

Protandim helps stock rise of fear of aging

Protandim, an anti-aging drug, gave a big jolt to Lifevantage Corporation’s (LFVN) stock price. Lifevantage, the parent company of Protandim, saw their stock climb by over 19% in the last month.

The company’s stock is currently sitting at $1.70, which some market analysts feel is still a good buying price. Many point to the company’s January shareholders meeting, where four new board members were added that spurred hike in the company’s market share value. It’s had a 52-week high of $2.07 and a low of $0.64.

The company advertises the drug as, “Imagine, for less than the price of one cup of gourmet coffee, Protandim helps protect your health and slows down the rate of cell aging by an average 40%.”

The drug is a dietary supplement; though, clinical tests have shown that it lowers the effects of oxidative stress.

However, the company has come under much media fire lately, claiming their anti-aging product is a complete scam. Many point to there us of celebrities such as Montel Williams and Donny Osmond as simply marketing ploy to promote the drug.

Four patents are currently held by Lifevantage for their anti-aging drug. The company is also said to be researching and developing products to combat skin cancer, heart disease, osteoarthritis, asthma and pulmonary hypertension.

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