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Pregnant Marissa Mayer joins Yahoo as CEO: A mistake on her part?

Yahoo takes slack for its past major decisions

Marissa Mayer jumped ship from being a Google engineer member to become Yahoo’s new CEO.

Responses are mixed. Some are saying Marissa Mayer is too inexperienced, while others are praising her for her executive position during her recent pregnancy. PCMag contributor John C. Dvorak wrote, “First, she’s never been a CEO. Second, she’s never been groomed to be a CEO or she would have stayed at Google.”

Dvorak proceeded to bring up past CEOs of Yahoo whom he deems mistakes to the company. After the company fired Carol Bartz, Scott Thompson replaced her, then resigned due to a scandal regarding his academic credentials.

Dvorak dubbed Marissa Mayer’s new enterprise a “snake pit.” According to The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo did not accept a deal of $33 a share purchase by Microsoft Corp., which many also question.

Yahoo predicted no quandaries by Marissa Mayer’s pregnancy. But contributor Angela Moore begged to differ, claiming that the company is in denial.

While Marissa Mayer is pondering a maternity leave, she said, “Yahoo’s products will continue to enhance our partnerships with advertisers, technology and media companies.”

Marissa Mayer is expected to spring Yahoo back onto its feet with her appointment there.

Mayer helped create Gmail, Google Maps and iGoogle.

According to CNN the New York Times wrote in 2009 about Marissa Mayer: “An engineer at heart, she also had something that many of her peers did not during Google’s early days: a keen sense of style and design,” adding, “She adored bold blocks of color against a white background, much like the Marimekko prints that once hung in her childhood home. “

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